Safety and Occupational Medicine – Health Area

Periodic Health Surveillance

The health services to be performed, as well as the laboratory tests, depend on the type of company and the characteristics of the workplace; therefore, the corporate risk assessment document is fundamental in the determination.

The number of services varies from a minimum of one (general medical examination of the workplace), to a maximum of six, in the absence of pathologies that require further health checks.

In the latter case, or if the employer, in agreement with the employee, deems it necessary, medical specialists are available in each branch:

  • General medical examination of the work
  • Audiometric examination
  • Spirometric examination
  • Electrocardiographic examination
  • Eye examination / ergovision / visiocampitest
  • Ultrasound examination and radiographic examination
  • Clinical-chemical laboratory tests and biotoxicological analyzes
  • Visit of the locomotor system
  • Pre-employment and / or periodic visits of employees with release of work suitability
  • Education and updating of the health and risk records of employees
  • Transmission of job suitability to the company
  • Communication of the outcome of health investigations to employees
  • Inspection of the workplace agreed with the employer and the supervisors
  • Advice and assistance in relations with public supervisory bodies
  • Collaboration with the employer and the persons in charge in risk assessment

Preventive and periodic health surveillance of workers exposed to ionizing radiation.

Preventive and periodic health surveillance for:

  • Pregnant workers and mothers
  • Minors
  • Apprentices
  • Trainees and interns
  • Family collaborators
  • Coordinated and continuous collaborators
  • Temporary workers
  • Operators in mines and quarries
  • Night operators
  • Operators exposed to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields
  • Disabled operators

Implementation and updating of the vaccination plan in the workplace:

  • Anti-tetanus
  • Antihepatitis B
  • Antitification
  • Anti-polyomyelitis vaccine
  • BCG antitubercle
  • Antihepatitis A
  • Flu shot
  • Vaccinations for working travelers
  • Work Related Stress

Work-related stress means stress related to stressful situations and / or work environments for workers. Stress risk assessment is a mandatory act by law pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008.

The assessment of the risks associated with related stress proposes a standard assessment path, divided into the phases of identifying the tasks, dangers, risks, risk assessment / weighting, determination of prevention measures (causes of stress) and protection (effects), drafting of the evaluation document.

Prevention interventions include specific training activities for workers, improvement of internal communication, improvement of the organization of activities in order to remove (or contain) the causes of work-related stress.

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