Training and selection

classroom training


Staff training is now essential to improve and optimize any production process.

Having a team ready for customer demands, emergency management or simply writing reports or using new software procedures is critical to staying competitive in an increasingly global market.

Our courses 

Human resources

Omnia Management is also involved in the search and recruitment of companies in the field of business services, providing the companies involved with the applications requested very quickly.

Omnia Management has a variety of databases and a continuous and constantly updated resume archive using innovative technology tools to search for applications for multiple professional categories. In addition, on our site you will not find job listings but we will limit ourselves, to those who apply, professional figures already selected by our staff as we think that the search for potential candidates should be done with initiatives aimed at individual business needs by filtering upstream those applications that do not meet the requirements.

The selection of applications is then made according to strict operational protocols to ensure the company is the maximum compatibility between the request and the offer.
Head Hunting

Omnia Management also provides a deep knowledge of the industrial reality and the work of southern Italy that allows us to carry out targeted searches of high-profile or extremely private personnel.


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