About us



What is OMNIA


                 Omnia Management was born with the intention of creating a solid group that can provide professional advice starting from the analysis of the business situation and then propose innovative solutions with high added value.

Each company that is part of the pool deals with a specific sector, however complementary to the others in order to realize a project or provide a quick and effective solution to the needs of customers.


                  Optimizing, simplifying and innovating are the main objectives that the staff of Omnia Management, in collaboration with entrepreneurs, wants to pursue by providing the widest range of solutions and highly professional figures using from time to time the most suitable ones. One of the strengths of Omnia Management is "Matching", which provides customers with a huge number of supply and demand data in a way that makes it easier to search for and/or offer products and services.


                 Omnia Management can also boast the collaboration of professionals with proven managerial experience and a group of consultants able to address the needs of a modern company with a special attention to the various territorial realities in which you operate through correspondences and collaborations with professional operators.

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