Training and selection

formazione aula


Staff training is now essential to improve and optimize any production process.

Have a team ready to customer requests, emergency management or just the drafting of reports or the use of new software is critical to remain competitive in an increasingly global market.

Human resources

Omnia Management within the services for businesses is also involved in recruitment and selection of personnel by providing interested companies quickly nominations required.

Omnia Management has several databases and a curriculum store in continuous and constant updating by using innovative technological tools for research applications for multiple professional categories. Also deliberately in our site you will not find jobs ads but ourselves, who upon request, professionals already selected by our staff because we think that finding potential candidates must be made with targeted initiatives to individual business needs by filtering those upstream applications do not match requirements.

The selection of candidates is then carried out under strict protocols to ensure that operating the company maximum compatibility between the demand and supply.
Head Hunting


Omnia Management also provides in-depth knowledge of industry and work of southern Italy that allows us to perform targeted searches of high-profile personnel or with extreme confidentiality.