Business Credit Report


Are you a new customer? It is reliable?

In today’s world is increasingly important to have as much information about the companies in order to make the best decision. Imagine being able to check the financial health of your new customer and to understand at a glance the degree of reliability of companies.

Now you can do it with us.

We provide simple and economical the credit scoring, rating and key financial information to a company.

Data from over 20 million companies in Europe

You will have at hand the data of over 20 million companies throughout Europe, always up-to-date! You will be able to select your financial partners on the basis of concrete and reliable indicators.

All ratings present in reports are described using available public information about the company examined such as: financial statements, in all their voices, sector, etc.

Put us to the test.

We offer you the rating of a company of your choice absolutely free!!

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