do you have an innovative idea?

do you have a project and looking for a lender?

you already have a business and would like to transform it in startup?

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What is a Startup?

before addressing any topic we define the Startup.

The term startup you identify the task and the time when you start a business. This is usually just incorporated firms, in which there are still organisational processes in progress. In the startup can be resource acquisition operations current techniques, hierarchy and definition of the methods of production, recruitment, but also market studies that seeks to define the tasks and business addresses.

Companies in the startup phase, usually have a high risk, but also a greater gain perspective.

Who he is and what makes a startup incubator.

To launch a startup you need manager successfully prepared and with extensive experience in this type of projects.

The use of managers with adequate skills avoids the risk of improvisation whose effects are almost always deleterious.

A startup company is a new company with new ideas that is on the market and leave with a bankruptcy is the worst presentations.

What does  Omnia Management

The offer is based on a support project to accelerate the development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of support resources developed and orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the incubator and through its network of contacts.

OMNIA aims to promote economic development and job creation by integrating talent, technologies, know-how and capital within a network that promotes the growth of new business.

To achieve these objectives we outline services with high added value consulting ranging from houses to Office Forms advice on the definition and development of business plans and entrepreneurial training, legal advice, financing monitoring by networking with other enterprises for communication and marketing services.

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